Coupon Cooperative is a coupon sharing site, where users are welcomed to share the best coupons and deals on the web with their families, friends, and fans.

If you'd like to try it out, first register a new account. Then, on the public timeline, enter your message along with a coupon code or link to a deal or coupon into the textbox at the top of the page, and click "Send". It will go out on the public timeline and to anyone who is subscribed to your coupons.

To subscribe to other people's coupons, go to their profile page and click the "subscribe" button. They'll get a notice that you're now subscribed to their coupons, and if you share good coupons that are also of interest to them, who knows?, they might subscribe back. If you are thinking of spamming the site or sharing lousy coupons please continue reading.

Important Coupon Cooperative Rules

Coupon Cooperative will absolutely not tolerate spammers. Seriously.

If you consistently share crappy coupons or websites that we don't think people will like, you will be banned from using this site.

This is at our sole discretion. We know enough about coupons to know what are interesting deals or sales and what is an attempt at spamming our system. Also don't do things that annoy people, that really sucks. If you have any doubts about what is acceptable and not we would like to remind you to just follow this one rule... Don't be a dick


The kind folks at Coupon Cooperative.

More help

Here are some documents that you might find helpful in understanding Coupon Cooperative and how to use it.

  • About - an overview of the service
  • FAQ - frequently-asked questions about Coupon Cooperative
  • Contact - who to contact with questions about the service
  • IM - using the instant-message (IM) features of Coupon Cooperative
  • SMS - tying your cellphone to Coupon Cooperative
  • tags - different ways to use tagging
  • Groups - joining together in groups
  • OpenID - what OpenID is and how to use it with this service
  • OpenMicroBlogging - subscribing to remote users
  • Privacy - Coupon Cooperative's privacy policy
  • Source - How to get the StatusNet source code
  • Badge - How to put a StatusNet badge on your blog or homepage
  • Bookmarklet - Bookmarklet for posting Web pages